Macbook Pro Wifi Issue When Using 2.4GHz Band

Recently I got a Macbook Pro (model A1990) along with few other items including a USB 10-in-1 hub (EAUSOO model ES-HB003C).  All was well except for one particular vexing issue i.e., once a while computer would stop communicating with wifi router. If I am using browser it would take very long or timeout or running command line utilities that used network would fail.  Many a time the network speed would drop by 90% or more! Initially, without a clue on what was happening, I tried different things including (a) suspecting some application hogging the bandwidth, (b) other devices doing something similar, (c)  relative position of my Mac with a Wifi extender (TP-Link) which I was using with 2.4GHz band and (d) few other things.

It turned out to be the issue with USB hub.  Though some have experienced similar problem with latest (2017 or later) Macs it is somewhat rare.  There is a forum thread where many have expressed frustration with this problem and possible solutions.  For more details see

Since latest Macs are equipped only with usb-c ports for many of external devices one has to use hubs to connect monitors, flash drives, head phones, etc.  The setup would look very similar to one shown below in Intel paper.  And not able to connect them while using wifi became a blocker for me to use this new computer.  Interestingly,  in my case the issue was worse when I connected the hub to the right side ports while left side ports also did poorly.


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