AWS Sagemaker and CNN for Dog Breed Classification

Motivation for this post came from a recent image classification project I did where given a dog image the application would identify its breed.   It turned out be more interesting and enjoyable than when I started the work.  Even though I ended up spending substantial time learning some new concepts; refreshing linear algebra and calculus; reading other related articles and research papers.

In this project I used AWS Sagemaker, a Machine Learning (ML) platform to build, train and deploy the models.  It provides all needed components including prebuilt image suitable for ML projects, Jupyter Notebook environment, infrastructure to deploy with single click from notebook, etc. It uses a ResNet CNN that can be trained from scratch, or trained using transfer learning when a large number of training images are not available.

If you want to jump to notebook code here.

Neural Network (NN)

Neural networks draw inspiration from their counter part in biological neural networks. There are many NN machine learning algorithms based on those including perceptron, Hopfield networks, CNN, RNN, LSTM, etc.  Here in the article I will be briefly covering perceptron and CNN.

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AWS CloudTrail log analysis with Apache Drill

AWS CloudTrail tracks API calls made in one’s account and the all these calls are logged or can be analyzed. The output files are typically json formatted.  I wrote another article here which provides some background why I needed to perform an investigative work 🙂 on these files to identify an offending application.  In short,  AWS deprecated some of the API calls and any application that made these calls were to be migrated.

These logs had multiple json objects in single line!  And with more the API calls more the data and the number of output files.  In one case I had more than 5,000 files generated over couple of days.  At the client site I couldn’t get much help on code base since it was old Java code written by an outsourced company which had moved-on.

Then it became an exercise for me to use Apache Drill for the above scenario.  First I took a single file and ran a Drill query:

0: jdbc:drill:zk=local> select T.jRec.eventSource, T.jRec.eventName,
   T.jRec.awsRegion, T.jRec.sourceIPAddress,
from (select FLATTEN(Records) jRec
     from    dfs.`/cloudtrail_logs/144702NNNNNN_CloudTrail_us-east-1_20160711T2345Z_CJPTqBCGPPc1Bhqc.json`) T
group by T.jRec.eventSource, T.jRec.eventName,
T.jRec.awsRegion, T.jRec.sourceIPAddress
order by EXPR$1;

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