Git useful links

Here are some of the git links that are very useful and helped me over the time in working with git.  If you have other suggested links feel free to send them to me or add the in comments. – A must read (free pdf book!) – Downloadable tutorial and try out commands on sample – Excellent coverage of git  – Learning git with excellent demo! – A nice quick visual guide of git – Another excellent intro to git – A dynamic visual cheat sheet – A detail intro with presentations  – Great article on branching strategy – A view on why git is bad for version control – A view on why git better than svn

Other very specific git related topics:  — Understanding git merge conflicts – fetch/merge Vs pull commands – Sharing git repo with others – Detail discussion of rebase Vs merge – When to use cherry pick vs merge/rebase – Apply current branch changes to other – Switching between branches with untracked files – Solution to “no branch” issue – Cherry pick a specific commit – Replacing master branch itself! – Git bash utility – git fast-forward examplg – Perform a commit in the past! – Different git merges


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