Using Webfonts or font-face

With all new browsers supporting CSS3, it is easy to use .woff (Web Open Font Format) and content page developer aren’t limited to user computer locally available fonts.  W3 discusses CSS3 as

With CSS3, web designers are no longer forced to use only web-safe fonts

Along with many others Google provides access to reportire of fonts that can be used.  As of early 2013 there were more than 615 font types available.

And using the @font-face the browser links to the requested font and use it.  Multiple @font-face rules can applied and used selectively with in the same page or site. In Google dynamic views, for example, with embedded code

@font-face {
font-family: 'Great Vibes';
font-style: normal;
font-weight: 400;
src: local('Great Vibes'), local('GreatVibes-Regular'), url( format('woff');

one can set the required selector to this font.  To get the font-face rules of above click on “Quick-use” link on Google webfonts above and paste the href into broswer.  W3 Draft on CSS3 explains these rules and all the CSS3 details.

To access the Blogger dynamic views template login into your blogger home and select Template > Customize (button)  > Advanced > Add CSS.  Paste @font-face rules like below.

In the above example the ‘Great Vibes’ fonts is applied to titles of the pages/content.