Google’s extended searches

Internet search users are very well aware of Google search engine and typically they end up entering their query or keywords in the search box and click the resulting links of interest/relevant to them (typically first page results and especially among top 3 o 4 results).  Large percentage of users seem to be unaware of Google’s extended search that can provide exact result he or she is looking for without having to hop to one more site.

For example, weather for a particular city or current time at a location or dictionary or area code or sports scores and many more.   Following are few examples.

For weather: To find current weather at Boston, USA just enter keywords “weather Boston, USA” and you will see today and next few days weather in the first result!

For time: To find current time at Bangalore, India (or Bengaluru, India) enter “time Bengaluru, India” and first result is the time.

For dictionary: use “define” keyword first before entering your query like “define avatar”

For stocks: This one is little too specific for many users because one need to know specific stock’s ticker symbol and there more than 10,000 of the them in US.  It doesn’t seem to work for international stocks.

Area code: Enter US 3 digit area code to get phone’s area code info.

Fill in the Blank:  My favourite when searching something for kids home work or a pop quiz.  Try “Einstein got Nobel prize in *” or “Earth circumference is * miles”

There are many more that can save time and typing or mouse clicks! Check out Google’s search tips.

Better yet for all these queries just use “WolframAlpha knowledge engine”.


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